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Bohning - X3 Vane - 3in - Neon Orange - 36pk

Bohning - X3 Vane - 3in - Neon Orange - 36pk

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Experience the X3 Vane, meticulously crafted from an ultra-stiff material to deliver unparalleled arrow stabilization and whisper-quiet flight. This exceptional vane features the renowned shield cut X Vane profile, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

Designed for those seeking optimal arrow control, the X3 Vane offers maximum stability during flight, enhancing your accuracy and overall shooting experience. With its exceptional stiffness, it minimizes any unwanted movement or noise, allowing you to focus on your target undisturbed.

The X3 3" Vane is made of ultra stiff heat vane material, measures 3" (76.2mm) in length, and 0.48" (12.1mm) in height, and weighs on average 8.4 grains.

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