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Bohning - Ferr-L-Tite - 12g

Bohning - Ferr-L-Tite - 12g

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Ferr-L-Tite® was Bohning's first product, developed in 1946, and has been the archery industry's standard ever since! This hot melt adhesive is designed for points, inserts, and outserts on wood and aluminum shafts (for carbon, we recommend Ferr-L-Tite Cool Flex). It requires an open flame for installation or removal and is fully cured as soon as it reaches room temperature (about 5 minutes). Ferr-L-Tite is heat reversible on aluminum shafts - flame required. It has a melting point of 350° F (176.7°C).

Available in 12 gram sticks and 1 pound bricks.

No expiration.

Certified Crossbow Compatible.

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