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Carter - Whisper 2 - 3 Finger

Carter - Whisper 2 - 3 Finger

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The Whisper 2, Carter's quietest handheld release, features rubber dampeners to mute sear mechanisms, enabling silent shots without sacrificing accuracy. Its Magnetic Adjustment System eliminates the need for travel adjustment, allowing easy, quiet trigger tension changes by sliding magnets in or out.

The reverse opening jaw ensures quick, silent d-loop connections and minimizes string interference, improving arrow flight. A built-in magnet automatically closes the jaw for easy loading.

  • Uses new magnetic system, no travel adjustment needed
  • One of the best, no movement trigger breaks in the Archery industry
  • Adjustable and removable trigger magnets
  • Reverse open jaw design for silent hookups
  • Magnetic return hook
  • Can be shot 2 finger, or three finger with included extension
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