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PEAK - Refuel Freeze-Dried Meals - Mountain Berry Granola

PEAK - Refuel Freeze-Dried Meals - Mountain Berry Granola

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When you’re in the thick of adventure and craving a home-cooked meal, Peak Refuel has your back. Our dairy-free Mountain Berry Granola hits the spot with real fruit, and rice milk sourced from a family farm in the USA. And if you thought granola couldn’t fill you up...think again. With 13 grams of protein and 11% of your daily fiber, just add 1 cup of cold water and you’ll be energized for an entire morning of epic hikes, sketchy climbs, and pushing boundaries.

Preparation Instructions: 

1. Open pouch at tear mark. Remove oxygen absorber.

2. Carefully add 1 cup (8 oz) cold water to pouch.

3. Zip pouch and shake to combine.

4. Open pouch and enjoy!

  • Protein – 13g per pouch
  • Servings – 2
  • Serving size – ½ pouch
  • Contains – Soy
  • Net Weight – 5.07 oz
  • Made & Packaged in the USA
  • Calories per Pouch – 570
  • Prep Time – 5 min
  • Vegan Meal 
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