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Bear Defence - Bear Spray - 325g

Bear Defence - Bear Spray - 325g

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Strongest Formula 

permitted in Canada
• Total Strength 1.72%
• Contains 1% capsaicin (strongest ingredient) plus 0.72% related major capsaicionoids. Total strength is similar to 2% formulas advertised in USA. Formula labeling regulations differ by country.

Quality Control Tested

Tested for leakage up to 54 ºC / 129.2 ºF.
At high temperatures, the aerosol can may explode. 

Goes The Distance

With the greatest wind penetration and one of the longest spray ranges available (over 20 feet), our Bear Deterrents go the distance you need to stay safe.


Made of high-quality components designed to withstand the elements and have a lower impact on the environment.

Ease Of Use

User friendly design includes an orange safety clip that is easily removed for use and re-attaches to prevent accidental spray release.

Spray Detail

The spray releases in a cone shape and fans out for the greatest area coverage and wind penetration. With two sizes to choose from, the 225g releases 5 seconds of spray time and the 325g releases over 8 seconds.


For safety training and practice spraying bear deterrent, the Inert training Spray 0% offers the same experience of bear deterrent without the pepper effects.

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