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Carter - Wise Choice - 3 Finger

Carter - Wise Choice - 3 Finger

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The Wise Choice is a thumb trigger release that shares the geometry with the popular 1st Choice release, but adds an index finger hole to assist with consistent index finger placement. It has all the highly-praised features of the 1st Choice, such as an auto-closing jaw and the set screw tension adjustment system. In addition, the Wise Choice also comes with a removable lanyard to give bowhunters the possibility of clipping the release to the D-loop or their wrist. Available in a 3 and 4 finger configurations.

  • Auto-closing jaw for quick and easy attachment to your d-loop
  • Set Screw tension adjustment system for the most precise trigger tension customization
  • A removable lanyard system to give the option of clipping it on the loop or keeping the Wise Choice on your wrist
  • Hole that accommodates a light glove for hunting
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