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Fuse - Maxxis 6 Arrow Quiver - Black

Fuse - Maxxis 6 Arrow Quiver - Black

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High-performance and highly affordable Maxxis quivers are perfect for the backcountry or the treestand. A hard-locking, no-nonsense, quick-detach mounting system prevents noisy rattling and quiver vibration while hiking or shooting and also makes it quick and easy to remove the quiver for travel or when in the treestand. All-weather, multi-diameter grippers secure large and small diameter arrows tightly in place and all-purpose hood foam protects both fixed-blade and expandable broadheads.

  • Durable Hook For Silent Hanging In Your Tree Stand
  • Double Gripper Design Secures Arrows Tightly
  • Grippers Secure Both Small And Large Diameter Arrows
  • Rock-Solid, Silent Quick-Detach Mounting System
  • Available In Soft-Touch Black Out And Realtree® Edge
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